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The problem of alcohol and drug abuse is a very interesting one. Since alcohol is allowed in most environments, one probably doesn’t know or accept that he or she is an addict until very late. The perception that drug abuse can be spotted faster and more easily compared to alcohol abuse does not help matters. Alcohol addiction is reported to afflict more than 21 million Americans nationally according to data from the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Some of the leading causes of alcohol addiction include a family history of alcohol addiction and the age at which one states drinking alcohol. Iowa’s problem with alcohol addiction has been compounded by the fact that, though the age limit for drinking alcohol is 21, this is the same age most addicts give as when they started drinking alcohol. Most times people say that they did it out of curiosity or in response to peer pressure.

Inpatient Alcohol Rehabilitation In Iowa

While receiving treatment for addiction, the patient may choose from several programs, which include inpatient, outpatient, alternative, and biophysical rehab programs. Inpatient programs usually last about 30 days and involves the patient residing at the facility and being medically supervised while undergoing therapy or detox. The outpatient program involves the patient being treated at his or her own pace while still living in his or her own house and continuing with his or her job or schooling.

Alternative rehab programs include recent additions such as cognitive behavioral therapy and natural rehab programs. Through these, the patient receives a non-12-step approach in contrast to the 12-step approach, which is a more traditional method for many rehab centers. The biophysical rehab program primarily focuses on providing counseling and treatment jointly.

The use of medicine has been faulted for contributing to relapse. It has been reported that it contributes majorly to a patient relapsing. Several patients have been known to expressly refuse to use drugs as treatment, seeing that it’s a contradiction that one who’s trying to stop abusing a particular chemical is being made to take another chemical. This has led many to embrace the emergence of other modes of treatment which don’t involve taking medicine.

Several cities across Iowa have drug treatment centers where one may find the right kind of help for his or her addiction.

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