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There is an understanding by most inpatient rehab centers that a person that abuses drugs and alcohol daily requires full-time treatment and advise their patients accordingly. There is abundant proof that most success rates are realized by patients who reside in treatment centers. This is referred to as inpatient rehab.

It has been factually reported that Kentucky has the highest potential for the growth of marijuana as it’s reportedly its top-ranked cash crop. Other drugs of choice include cocaine, meth, heroine, and a combination of different club drugs such as LSD and MDMA. This means that the chance of teenagers and alcohol addicts abusing drugs is very high since it’s been established that most people start of abusing alcohol.

Inpatient Alcohol Rehabilitation In Kentucky

Alcohol is the most abused substance in Kentucky. Interestingly, it is males who abuse most main drugs while women lead in the abuse of heroin. The information available indicates that around 5,500 individuals are admitted into treatment centers with alcohol addiction, while those who are addicted to both alcohol and drugs is estimated at around 4,200. Clearly, this puts lots of pressure on the available centers.

There are over 80 alcohol treatment centers in Kentucky providing help for drug and alcohol addicts. These centers accept payments from insurance companies or from patients paying for their own treatment. Private institutions receive the most admissions of patients, for-profit facilities admitting over 55% of patients while not-for-profit centers admit close to 38%.

Local, federal, and state government centers admit 2%, 1%, and 1% respectively of all the cases of alcohol addiction in the state. There is several treatment centers found in all cities and one only needs to find the one nearest him or her.

The number of alcohol treatment centers in Kentucky’s cities differs from one city to the next. There are cities with only one center while others, such as Louisville, have as many as twenty. Apart from being the state’s largest city with a population of more than 740,000, it also holds the Kentucky derby. Alcoholism has been fueled by the high levels of gambling there.

Treatment centers provide help to the families of alcohol addicts who would otherwise be rendered unproductive and incompetent in different activities. These treatment centers, especially the ones offering inpatient rehab, provide hope for the state in its continuous battle with drug and alcohol addiction. As recently as 2008, more than 24% of all traffic deaths had a high alcohol concentration in their blood. This gives credence to pouring resources into the creation of more inpatient rehab centers in Kentucky.

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