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The state of Louisiana has one of the lowest rates of alcohol addiction in the country. This is odd in contrast to drug addiction, in which this state has always been among the highest, especially among individuals aged 26 years and higher.

The state has a population approaching 4.5 million, out of which the number admitted into rehab centers and diagnosed with alcohol and drug problems is around 26,000. 15% are addicted to alcohol while those addicted to all other drugs combined are a staggering 50%. This is while taking into account that not everybody with an alcohol or drug addiction seeks treatment.

Inpatient Alcohol Rehabilitation in Louisiana

There are, however, a number of treatment centers made available for people with an alcohol or drug problem. The last count, taken in 2006, indicates that there are more than 140 treatment centers across Louisiana, with slightly over 50 of them run by private, non-profit organizations, and a further 35 by for-profit private organizations. The local government runs 6%, while the state government runs an impressive 30%.

Louisiana’s unique position is that even insurance may not like it adequately meets the costs of providing or seeking treatment related to addiction, but the good news is that there are many centers offering free or affordable treatment. There are in existence a number of faith-based substance abuse treatment centers.

An example of one of these centers is Oxford Houses, Louisiana. It mostly acts as an intermediary where patients are admitted after undergoing detox. Patients are required to pay only for their daily expenses, which they share between 8-15 people at any given time. These expenses are low, though one may be thrown out immediately should they be found to have used drugs or alcohol while residing in any of these houses.

There are more examples of centers whose clientele is a particular group, either for women, teens, or teen girls only. Mt. Grace for Women targets female patients and the Evangel House’s targets are teen girls. The Evangel House offers inpatient rehab treatment facilities. These are but a few of the many institutions spread in Louisiana offering inpatient rehab programs.

There are more programs offered in treating alcoholics, ranging from inpatient programs to the professional’s recovery program, as well as intensive outpatient programs. Whereas the inpatient model requires a patient to live within the center for the duration of his or her treatment, the professional’s recovery and the intensive outpatient models offer treatment to a patient while they continue with their daily activities, though attendance of weekly meetings is a requirement.

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