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There are various drugs abused in Missouri, including heroin, LSD, cocaine, and meth. Cocaine is the most abused drug in the state and there has been an increase in the abuse of prescription medication and heroin, particularly in St. Louis and Kansas City. The abuse of alcohol is also widespread.

Few families in Missouri have remained untouched by drugs. The menace has been further complicated by the fact that Missouri laws do not support insurance parity for alcohol and drug abuse treatments. However, there are many rehab centers from which alcohol and drug addicts can seek treatment.

Many rehab facilities in Missouri are state-funded and there are a number of affordable charity rehab facilities.

Inpatient Alcohol Rehabilitation In Missouri

The first step in selecting a substance abuse treatment facility involves selecting the treatment which best addresses the addict’s needs. Each addict needs a specific treatment program based on the extent of his addiction.

Research shows that integrating a number of programs when treating alcohol and drug addiction is more successful than using one program. Treatment programs may be outpatient or inpatient. These programs seek to treat an addict by ensuring that he or she improves his or her self-worth and self-esteem, controls addictive tendencies, and overcomes traumas while learning various life-skills. These programs help an individual improve his or her health and rebuild his or her life.

The first step of inpatient rehab is detox. Detox can be defined as a treatment that rids addictive substances from the body and helps the patient psychologically and physically adjust to the treatment process. Detox should be done under the guidance of a qualified physician because it is a dangerous process with serious physical and psychological impacts.

The second step in inpatient rehab involves a number of therapies aimed at helping the addict overcome his or her addiction. An important point about treatments is that the addict should have made up his or her mind that he or she wants help.

The addict undergoes a 12-step recovery program which helps him or her overcome dependency. Then the addict undergoes various programs, including behavioral change and biophysical therapy. Other programs that the addict undergoes in this stage include non-12-step treatment and support group therapies.

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